Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A confession of a distress ink addict

I believe some of you have them all, which I don't (yet), but there's a strange relationship between me and those inks. Let me share my journey to my distress ink madness.
Once upon a time… I knew little about scrapbooking and when I was looking at various pictures on the internet, I discovered Tim Holtz's blog. [and my bank account was never the same after this day…] Back in those days, I saw Tim using the distress inks on practically everything, praising them, and I didn't understand what was so special about them. [see, that was before I lost my mind...]  But my curiosity grew... And one day, I decided to give them a try. I bought what I considered to be five “basic” colours – orange (Spiced Marmalade), red (Fired Brick), blue (Faded Jeans), green (Peeled Paint) and brown (Vintage Photo). Needless to say, back then, the inks were really difficult to get hold of in my country (and also very expensive). [to put you in perspective, one inkpad is more expensive than what I pay for lunch in a restaurant]
Even though I wasn't entirely convinced of their extraordinariness [is that an English word?],  my collection grew during the next couple of months. Then I bought the extraordinary ink applicator which came with 12 pads, so I bought a couple more inks and ended at 12. And I was happy.
But then a whole new range of colours came out. What possible use could a grey ink have? But then it was on sale in one of the UK online shops I spend my savings at. And why pay this ridiculous postage for just one inkpad? When you can buy more? And my collection grew to 25. I abandoned the not-so-special ink applicator and invested in sponge daubers. To store them, I made a tiny box – 25 compartments for each one of them. Back then, I was convinced that I DIDN'T NEED MORE INKS. But after a while, I started to consider the possibility of expanding the box to 36 compartments to house the ENTIRE distress ink collection...
And then something unthinkable happened – Tim introduced the autumn special edition. Oh no... Fortunately, they sold out very quickly and didn't get to my country, nor to any of those UK shops I visit. Yes, I was considering ordering them from abroad paying a fortune for shipping, and no, I decided against getting them from the USA, because they would cost more than twice their original price. But that didn't prevent me from visiting my favourite online shops several times a day to see if, by any chance, they had them back on stock. I was so disappointed... [I needed that purple badly...]
And then the winter inks appeared. And at first, I didn't like the colours at all [“No Tim, I don't need another red, and this weird green... and this grey-ish colour??”]. But they were on stock, and without knowing how, they quite literary jumped into the shopping basket.
The old box (bottom) and the new one (top)

So the storage box needed to be expanded – anticipating my desire to buy more inks, I made a couple of spare compartments for several more inks. And I also made a lid for the box. 

But what my distressed mind didn't anticipate was this – if there were autumn and winter inks, there MIGHT be spring and summer. And then the spring inks came...
And I got lucky – SirStampalot had a couple of autumn inks back on stock, so without thinking about the price, new six inkpads were travelling to me from the UK. [they should really make using PayPal a bit more difficult – something like “Are you really aware that you are spending Ł30 on just 6 inkpads?” and then “Are you really sure?” “R-E-A-L-L-Y?”] And the dauber box was full again – with no space left for the summer inks. [OMG]
Would you believe it, that I still don't have the summer collection? For two reasons: it is not available in my country and I refuse to pay (or resist paying) the ridiculous postage from the UK, and I like my dauber box and really have no energy to create a new one...

[update: several weeks later]

But... last weekend, I bought 4 new inkpads. And it only took me 48 hours to convince myself that I actually NEED a new dauber storage box (even though I don't have any new daubers – because, surprisingly, these are difficult to get here too).

And now that the limited edition inks have been added to the regular palette [BTW – that's some nasty marketing...], who knows what the future brings. In any case, the new box has 47 compartments – enough to fit the entire palette. Provided that no other inks are introduced... [that might cause some irreparable damage to my brain...]

P.S. If anyone is interested, here are some photos from making of the storage box. 

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Wild Soul Arts GIVEAWAY

Amazing giveaway from Effy Wild's at Wild Soul Arts. Wow! Effy is such an inspiring artist and I'm really looking forward to her new projects in 2013.