Tuesday, 31 October 2017

"Wanderlust" art journal - SEPTEMBER and OCTOBER

As I mentioned in my previous post, last month was all about catching up with my "Wanderlust" art journal. I have three traveller's notebook inserts for this year-long "project", so I'm now in the last one.

I'm following the Wanderlust classes and if a page was inspired by a particular class, I mention it under the picture.

I'm still not enjoying the creative process much and it shows on my art... But I'm over hiding my bad art, so here it is.

inspired by Wendy Brightbill class

this page has a flap that opens 
(I needed a page with a flap for a class I'm teaching)

the quote continues under the flap

a failed attempt at image transfer...

inspired by Marta Lapkowska class

inspired by Andy Skinner class

So, I finally managed to catch up. I guess, I can now get behind again ;-)

"Wanderlust" art journal - JULY and AUGUST

In summer, I was hit by a serious creative crisis. It continued pretty much till the middle of September. I did very little art journalling - but I read about 30 books in 3 months. The bookworm in me rejoiced... the artist, not so much....

So, for the last couple of months, I've been trying to catch up. Why, you ask? Why not just skip the uneventful months and restart now? Well, that's me... If I have a journal dedicated to something - in this case a weekly page - I just have to fill in all the gaps - no matter what.

I'm still following the Wanderlust classes and if a page was inspired by a particular class, I mention it under the picture.

this was the last page before THE CRISIS

inspired by JOFY class

created for a "Doodles" challenge

inspired by Amy Maricle class

a page done with the Facebook live prompts
I watched the live broadcast but didn't create while watching.
I don't believe in art done under pressure.

a simple extra page*

* If you remember, I have three traveller's notebook inserts dedicated to this Wanderlust adventure. I can fit 4 months of weekly pages in one journal. But there is usually one or two extra pages left in each insert for some random pieces of art.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

PaperArtsy Topic 15: Pearlescent

I'm here with another PaperArtsy challenge - last minute entry, as usual ;-)

The topic for this fortnight was Pearlescent. I was inspired by Kate Yetter's blog post.

Here are some details:

PaperArtsy products used:
   - Pearl Glaze Fresco Finish
   - Infusions
   - stamps from sets ELB04, ELB29, ELB30, Gentleman Plate 4

Sunday, 1 October 2017

PaperArtsy Topic 13: Metallics

Here is my last minute entry for the latest PaperArtsy topic which is Metallics:

I finished it 5 minutes ago, the deadline is in 20 minutes or so. I will update this post later to list all the products I used.