Sunday, 18 September 2016

PaperArtsy 2016 Topic 17: Making Marks

I'm here with a short blog post about the latest journal page in my PaperArtsy challenge journal. This week's challenge is about Making Marks.

Friday, 9 September 2016

PaperArtsy Topics #11, #12 and #15

As you might have noticed, I missed a few PaperArtsy topics:
I skipped the first two because I was going through a bit of a creative crisis and was utterly uninspired. I didn't post the last one because I thought it was Saturday, and missed the Sunday evening deadline.

Our House
My town has a distinctive red brick architecture. So I started with a red-brick background of sorts. I got the "Home Sweet Home" stamp as a freebie and I love it!

And then the skyscrapers happened. Not exactly sure how, but there they were.

Because I don't sew, I was considering altering a tote bag or something along these lines. In the end, I decided to use ribbons.

I glued down some ribbons and I went over the page with gesso. Then I added some inks.

Finally, I added the flowers. I stamped them with white ink on black cardstock. But the ink wouldn't dry, so I put some transparent embossing ink over it - and I really like the result.

This monochrome layout was inspired by Florence Adam's blog post. I stamped the background using some Ellen Vargo stamps. And I also had a new stencil to test.

Then I added a bit of colour - some JOFY flowers and Lynne Perrella's lady

Finally, I handwritten the quote using yellow paint pen.

... and now I can focus on the next theme!