Tuesday, 9 May 2017

"Wanderlust" journal - APRIL

I find it harder and harder to be inspired by anything from the Wanderlust class. I'm still following the weekly classes but I feel they don't "ignite" anything. I haven't felt so uninspired in quite some time...

I've been doing art journalling for a while so I'm no beginner. I know how to start a page and I know there are rules and I know these rules can be broken. Maybe that's the problem - I've already defined (and re-defined) myself in art journalling. I know what works for me and what not. And so far, most of the classes were outside of my box. Not outside of my comfort zone. No! I'm up for trying new things - but within my rules, my boundaries. I'm not sure if I'm expressing my feelings clearly...

So, without further ado, here are my weekly pages:

One of the classes was about minibooks - I tried to make one, forced myself to make one, but it remains unfinished. I'm waiting if it "speaks" to me - I don't give up on it yet and might finish it one day...

I finished first of the three traveller's notebook inserts I'd devoted for this class. There is a flip-through on my Instagram (if you're interested).

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

ART MARKS - part TWO / 30 day challenge

Rae Missigman was hosting Part Two of her ART MARKS 30 day challenge. I totally enjoyed Part One (you can see it here), so I jumped in without hesitation.

Once again, I made a small journal using regular cardstock and bookpaper. I added some paint here and there on the pages to have something to kick-start my creativity each day.

This time, I was much busier with my "normal" life so I didn't usually have time to do one prompt every day. Most of the times, I did two pages at once.

In Part One, I used word stickers to decorate my pages. Here, I used random phrases from a book I was destashing.

Day 1 - Clustered / Day 2 - Repeating

Day 3 - Layered / Day 4 - Stacked

Day 5 - Round / Day 6 - Black and White

Day 7 - Arrow like / Day 8 - Filled

Day 9 - X'd / Day 10 - Horizontal

Day 11 - Just One / Day 12 - Erased

Day 13 - Sketched / Day 14 - Vertical

Day 15 - Transparent / Day 16 - Half

Day 17 - Pinpoint / Day 18 - Striped

Day 19 - Encircled / Day 20 - Covered

Day 21 - Parallel / Day 22 - Spiral

Day 23 - Numerous / Day 24 - Squared

Day 25 - Odd / Day 26 - Even

Day 27 - Connected / Day 28 - Dotted

Day 29 - Inside / Day 30 - Numbered

I must admit that this time, due to my busy schedule, I found it harder to focus on the creative process. Often, I didn't follow the prompts and just created something that was on my mind. Also, I sometimes felt like I was repeating myself - there are some similar pages in Part one. But... who cares?

There are flip-throughs on my Instagram - 1st half and 2nd half. I would like to thank you for all the kind comments and {hearts} you gave my photos.