Monday, 6 April 2015

Documented Life - Weeks 8-9

Week 8
Art Challenge:  Repeating Elements
Journal Prompt:  It's Worth Repeating

I felt like I needed to do triangular shapes - I even cut a special stencil for this page...

First I started to add the triangles without any particular rhyme or reason.

When I added a bit of white ink drippage, I found out the thin Moleskine pages were starting to fall apart...

I fixed it with pieces of tissue paper and went on adding more triangles.

Finally, I added the journaling spots - triangles, of course.

Note on the crumbling journal:
I cut the spine of the journal open a month ago to allow it to expand because of all the paper and paint I had been adding to it. Now it seems I need to reinforce every page with something - gesso is wet so it wouldn't help so I'll be using tissue/deli paper. Which means the journal will expand even further. 
I'm thinking about removing the hard covers as they are very constricting...
[Update: the covers were removed after Week 12 - and I think it was a good idea.]

Week 9
Art Challenge:  Using at Least Five Layers
Journal Prompt:  Give Me a High Five

I wanted my 5 layers to be distinguishable - so I divided the page into 5 strips masking one out at each step.
The bottom layer is a grey tissue paper. I used different stencils for each layer.
I added the quote using tiny alpha stickers.

Note on (the lack of) journaling: 
I'm way behind with the weekly journal entries. I keep a regular daily diary. So this is a bit redundant. Also, I don't feel like I should be adding something personal to my art. I might write something later but I think it's highly improbable. 

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