Friday, 20 February 2015

Documented Life - Weeks 5-7

I can't really say that I'm still enjoying creating in my Documented Life journal after seven weeks. I want to play by the rules, not skipping ahead - so I'm always waiting with anticipation for the new prompt so I could start creating. But when the prompt comes, I'm just facing a blank page and a vague prompt that allows me on one hand to start painting pretty much anything I want, but on the other hand doesn't really give me the initial impulse to paint. I will probably have to think up some prompts for myself. 

(photoshopped part of my Week 6 page)

Monday, 16 February 2015

Paper Artsy Theme 3: Paint

The new PaperArtsy prompt is Paint. OK, I use paint on everything, so this is not helping - my muse needs something else to wake up. When I saw this post by Anneke De Clerck, I got an idea that I could use one of my tree stencils... It takes little to inspire me (but I usually deviate greatly from the piece that inspired me... LOL)