Tuesday, 9 May 2017

"Wanderlust" journal - APRIL

I find it harder and harder to be inspired by anything from the Wanderlust class. I'm still following the weekly classes but I feel they don't "ignite" anything. I haven't felt so uninspired in quite some time...

I've been doing art journalling for a while so I'm no beginner. I know how to start a page and I know there are rules and I know these rules can be broken. Maybe that's the problem - I've already defined (and re-defined) myself in art journalling. I know what works for me and what not. And so far, most of the classes were outside of my box. Not outside of my comfort zone. No! I'm up for trying new things - but within my rules, my boundaries. I'm not sure if I'm expressing my feelings clearly...

So, without further ado, here are my weekly pages:

One of the classes was about minibooks - I tried to make one, forced myself to make one, but it remains unfinished. I'm waiting if it "speaks" to me - I don't give up on it yet and might finish it one day...

I finished first of the three traveller's notebook inserts I'd devoted for this class. There is a flip-through on my Instagram (if you're interested).

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

ART MARKS - part TWO / 30 day challenge

Rae Missigman was hosting Part Two of her ART MARKS 30 day challenge. I totally enjoyed Part One (you can see it here), so I jumped in without hesitation.

Once again, I made a small journal using regular cardstock and bookpaper. I added some paint here and there on the pages to have something to kick-start my creativity each day.

This time, I was much busier with my "normal" life so I didn't usually have time to do one prompt every day. Most of the times, I did two pages at once.

In Part One, I used word stickers to decorate my pages. Here, I used random phrases from a book I was destashing.

Day 1 - Clustered / Day 2 - Repeating

Day 3 - Layered / Day 4 - Stacked

Day 5 - Round / Day 6 - Black and White

Day 7 - Arrow like / Day 8 - Filled

Day 9 - X'd / Day 10 - Horizontal

Day 11 - Just One / Day 12 - Erased

Day 13 - Sketched / Day 14 - Vertical

Day 15 - Transparent / Day 16 - Half

Day 17 - Pinpoint / Day 18 - Striped

Day 19 - Encircled / Day 20 - Covered

Day 21 - Parallel / Day 22 - Spiral

Day 23 - Numerous / Day 24 - Squared

Day 25 - Odd / Day 26 - Even

Day 27 - Connected / Day 28 - Dotted

Day 29 - Inside / Day 30 - Numbered

I must admit that this time, due to my busy schedule, I found it harder to focus on the creative process. Often, I didn't follow the prompts and just created something that was on my mind. Also, I sometimes felt like I was repeating myself - there are some similar pages in Part one. But... who cares?

There are flip-throughs on my Instagram - 1st half and 2nd half. I would like to thank you for all the kind comments and {hearts} you gave my photos.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

PaperArtsy Topic 5 - Blue and Ochre

The newest PaperArtsy topic is Blue and Ochre. I made a very colourful page inspired by this blog post:

I started with a collage of torn deli paper. I sprinkled two sheets of deli paper with Infusions - one with Royal Blood and the other with Golden Sands. I tore the paper into pieces and glued them randomly over my page.

Then I added a bit of Fresco paints - Blueberry, Smurf and Butternut.

Finally, I stamped some flowers and other flowery shapes (from Tracy Scott's stamp sets ETS06 and ETS07 - I will put a link here once I find them in the shop) on white cardstock, cut them out and coloured them in.

... six episodes of Broadchurch later... Geez, this is supposed to be therapeutic? I've always hated colouring books...

To finish it off, I added a quote from Emma's set EEG17.


PaperArtsy Topic 4 - Doors, Windows and Architecture

The 4th PaperArtsy topic was Doors, Windows and Architecture.

I was suffering from a lack of time and inspiration so I was only working on a couple of unfinished backgrounds. First, I made this page:

I didn't submit it because I didn't like it much.

The other background I finished was this:

Oh well... I really need some room to breathe and restart...


Friday, 31 March 2017

Wanderlust 2017: MARCH

Here are the March pages in my "Wanderlust journal":

live Facebook adventure*

This month, there were some pages I liked very much. I'm also in love with the traveller's notebook format of my journal.

(*) The last page was done during the Facebook live event. I'm not a fan of random prompts in random order so I was very happy when one of the last prompts was "to cover the page with paint" and I could hide the sequence of prompts that didn't really work together.

Three months into the Wanderlust classes... and I'm still not sure whether I like them or not. I'm not happy about the format, teachers, classes, the overall pace... Not that it's bad or anything, but it's not just my thing, I suppose. I find it very hard to be inspired, so I'm just doing my page a week(end). I've established this weekly crafting "ritual" when I'm painting on Saturday afternoons/evenings and that works for me.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

PaperArtsy 2017 Topic 3: Paint with Infusions

The newest PaperArtsy topic is Paint with Infusions. I'm so in love with the Infusions powders. I love their versatility and their vibrancy. I can't wait to get my hands on the new colours.

For this challenge, I made this journal page:

I used the Infusions to create a subtle background. Then I stamped some other elements to the background using Lin Brown's stamp sets (ELB29 and ELB30) and acrylic paints.

I cut the backgrounds a bit smaller than the size of the page to create a border.

Finally, I stamped the leaves (also from Lin Brown's ELB29) on grey cardstock  cut them out and glued them to the page.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Wanderlust 2017: FEBRUARY

Here are the February pages in my Wanderlust journal.

Some pages were inspired by the videos, other were following a prompt from one of the many "activities" posted on the Wanderlust class webpage.

[Warning: rant ahead]
The first class of the month was about breaking the page, and that there was no need to complete the page. Don't get me wrong, I have a few journals with backgrounds in various stages of progress but I'm not enjoying the process of putting one element on a page and then moving on to scribble something on another page and then adding some paint to another. I don't enjoy doing this. I have no problems facing a blank page - I have several quick techniques to deal with breaking a page and I don't need to do this on purpose, just for the sake of doing it. I don't think I need to waste my creative time on this. Moreover, sometimes I find it distracting to face a page that has something on it that I'm not happy about at that particular moment. Sitting down for 10 minutes a day to add random things to random pages all around my journal is a waste of time for me. I'm sure each and every one of us has a different approach to art, this is not mine. But, because it was that week's lesson, I did it. And had to face the unfinished pages in the weeks to come. Not my cup of tea. [end of rant]

inspired by Amanda Grace's class "The Love Letter"

 inspired by Clair Bremner's class

 Prompt: "This month was… (insert at least six nouns)"

inspired by Guest Activity from Eliza - Quotes

The navigation in the Classroom gets more difficult for me as more and more posts are added - especially in the "Activities" section - some post are updated with fortnightly/monthly prompts, new ones are appearing. I need to be watching for when the post was last modified, which is annoying.

But I'm enjoying the format of my journal. I will be continuing in it - with or without the Wanderlust classes.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

PaperArtsy workshops at CHSI Stitches 2017 in Birmingham

As I mentioned in my previous post, I took five workshops with PaperArtsy at the CHSI Stitches show in Birmingham.

Each workshop was 2 hours so I left home with 5 projects that needed more work and/or finishing touches. I didn't want to rush it so I took pictures of the sample projects and decided to finish them in my own pace at home. Knowing myself, I decided to focus on one project every evening after coming back from the show. Because if I hadn't finish them shortly after returning, I would never have done it.

1.  Jo Firth-Young (JoFy)

For those who know me, I have tons of patience for hand-cutting stencils but none for colouring in images. The colouring-book craze leaves me completely indifferent. Even as a kid, I couldn't be bothered. So, with this project, I came home with stamped flowers that needed to be coloured in. Well, it took forever... I also had to go over the designs with a black pen because I just simply couldn't stay within the lines.

2. Tracy Scott

There was a lot of fussy cutting involved in this project but it went surprisingly quickly. All that was left for me to do at home was to add some highlights with a white pen and a bit of glitter.
I really love those flowers. I can't wait to use them on other projects.

3. Lin Brown

Lin's new stamp sets are my favourite. They are absolutely ideal for backgrounds.
The original project used a grass stamp in the background which I chose to exchange for a different plant. For two reasons - I was impatient and didn't want to wait to share the stamp so I used one I had in front of me - and - I already have the grass stamp and overuse it because I love it.

We were also supposed to do the leaf in a frame of sorts. But I damaged my acetate sheet during the workshop and decided to do multiple separate leaves instead in the comfort of my home.

4. Leandra 

Leandra was demoing the new Zinski art stamp sets. They have a lot of these quirky "monsters" and flowers. We were doing this 3D box - with all the elements peeking out of a "drawer" at the bottom.
This one took some time as well - colouring in and shading and fussy cutting. But it was worth the effort.

5. Seth Apter

The last class was closest to the "art" that I'm doing. Seth is the master of layers and proficient in rust. It's amazing how he can create rust colour with several different colours. And his monoprinting technique - I adore it. As Seth says "more is more", I feel my canvas still needs a few layers. Normally, I would add some stencilling but unfortunately, I don't have any of Seth's stencils. So I'm keeping this canvas for future considerations.

I left home full of creative energy. [That might explain why I pushed myself to finish all the project in such a short time...] And with a suitcase full of products to use later. [Well, as I mentioned in my previous post, the paints proved to be an airport security problem...]

It was my first time visiting the show. Everyone kept telling me we were lucky to have a classroom outside of the exhibition hall. Later, as I took another workshop in the hall, I must admit, they were right. I would survive the open surroundings, and the buzz from the exhibition. Though, I found hearing the voice of the teacher in the workshop area next to us a bit distracting. But what annoyed me the most was the terrible lighting. There were strip lights behind our backs that cast shadows over what we were doing. And that was terrible. So all thumbs up to PaperArtsy for providing us with this quiet and well lit classroom away from all the buzz (and with our own toilet ;-)

Thank you Team PaperArtsy for making this happen!

Birmingham / CHSI Stitches 2017

Last year, I was invited to go to Birmingham for just a couple of days - to a class with Tim Holtz that took place before the CHSI Stitches show. We were leaving right after the workshop and didn't even go to the trade show.

CHSI Stitches - Europe's biggest trade show for the creative hobby and craft industries

This year, we planned it all well ahead, actually almost 6 months ahead. We got our tickets, booked our hotel and waited. Because Ryanair flies to Birmingham only 3 times a week from our part of the world, we had two options - arrive on Saturday evening, right before the show and miss any workshop that might take place on Saturday; or arrive on Thursday and hope there will be a workshop before the show. We took the risk and ... of course, there was no workshop before the show. So we had two free days to roam around Birmingham city centre.

Monday, 13 February 2017

PaperArtsy 2017 Topic 2: Masks

For the latest PaperArtsy challenge - Masks - I decided to do an experiment with Infusions.

I like to start my journal pages with a layer of tissue or deli paper. Here, I put a mask on a wet sheet of tissue paper, sprinkled some Infusions on top and sprayed it with water. I used regular paper to blot off the mess on top - getting a great result here too. When I removed the mask, I was left with a very nice pattern.

I glued the tissue paper to my journal page and added some paint across the white edges.

Finally, I stamped the foliage using Lin Brown's ELB04 set and the quote using Words Plate 2 set.

I made several different backgrounds with different masks and stencils.

I got many prints for the price of one - the actual tissue paper (middle), the blot-off paper (left), and also the under paper (right).