Monday, 20 April 2015

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

PaperArtsy Challenge Journal cover

We have one extra week to complete the latest PaperArtsy Grunge Paste challenge so I took advantage of this "free" time to finally do the cover of my journal I use for the challenges.

PaperArtsy Theme 6: Grunge Paste

The new PaperArtsy challenge is about Grunge Paste. I never tried this particular paste (I'm adding it to my wish list) but I'm currently in my "stencil madness" phase so I have plenty of structure and texture pastes - some I love, some I don't, some were super expensive, some were cheap (actually, one of my favourites is from Lidl), some I just had to try because someone said so...

Monday, 6 April 2015

Documented Life: March

I must admit - this whole month was a nightmare for me. I just didn't get the prompts. Lost in the translation, I went thought the posts on the Art to the 5th Academy webpage and nothing... So I decided to let my Muse guide me and paint whatever was on my mind.

Learning to love the uglies

At the end of the day, you need only be satisfied with the performance
of one person: YOURSELF.

Documented Life - Weeks 8-9

Week 8
Art Challenge:  Repeating Elements
Journal Prompt:  It's Worth Repeating

I felt like I needed to do triangular shapes - I even cut a special stencil for this page...

First I started to add the triangles without any particular rhyme or reason.

When I added a bit of white ink drippage, I found out the thin Moleskine pages were starting to fall apart...

I fixed it with pieces of tissue paper and went on adding more triangles.

Finally, I added the journaling spots - triangles, of course.

Note on the crumbling journal:
I cut the spine of the journal open a month ago to allow it to expand because of all the paper and paint I had been adding to it. Now it seems I need to reinforce every page with something - gesso is wet so it wouldn't help so I'll be using tissue/deli paper. Which means the journal will expand even further. 
I'm thinking about removing the hard covers as they are very constricting...
[Update: the covers were removed after Week 12 - and I think it was a good idea.]

Week 9
Art Challenge:  Using at Least Five Layers
Journal Prompt:  Give Me a High Five

I wanted my 5 layers to be distinguishable - so I divided the page into 5 strips masking one out at each step.
The bottom layer is a grey tissue paper. I used different stencils for each layer.
I added the quote using tiny alpha stickers.

Note on (the lack of) journaling: 
I'm way behind with the weekly journal entries. I keep a regular daily diary. So this is a bit redundant. Also, I don't feel like I should be adding something personal to my art. I might write something later but I think it's highly improbable.