Monday, 6 April 2015

Documented Life: March

I must admit - this whole month was a nightmare for me. I just didn't get the prompts. Lost in the translation, I went thought the posts on the Art to the 5th Academy webpage and nothing... So I decided to let my Muse guide me and paint whatever was on my mind.

March Theme
Making Your Mark (Doodles & Mark Making)

Week 10
Art Challenge:  As A Layer Element
Journal Prompt:  Surviving the Elements

When in doubts, glue down some tissue paper and add a bit of paint and then add and add and add more elements...

Week 11
Art Challenge:  Borders
Journal Prompt:  "Borderline feels like I'm going to lose my mind."

I cheated with this one a bit - I keep a folder with deli papers with various media on them. Some have sprays, some inks, some are gelli-plate printed. This was one of them. I only added the journaling squares and the black border. First I wanted to write some quote around the page but then I decided to draw this lovely doodle.

Week 12
Art Challenge:  As a Focal Point
Journal Prompt:  Coming into Focus

The main "attraction" of this week was the eclipse of the Sun. So I made it a focal point of my page. The rest is just doodling - I started to add dashed lines and then some dots and just couldn't stop. And... this page finally has some journaling.

Week 13
Art Challenge:  Make a Custom Element
Journal Prompt:  "Ride the energy of your own unique spirit." - Gabrielle Roth

I didn't really know what "custom" element I should create for my page. So I took a printed copy of one of my backgrounds and cut it into some shapes. And it looked good...

I might add some journaling later. I might not...

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