Tuesday, 7 April 2015

PaperArtsy Theme 6: Grunge Paste

The new PaperArtsy challenge is about Grunge Paste. I never tried this particular paste (I'm adding it to my wish list) but I'm currently in my "stencil madness" phase so I have plenty of structure and texture pastes - some I love, some I don't, some were super expensive, some were cheap (actually, one of my favourites is from Lidl), some I just had to try because someone said so...

I first started with a Prima Sand Texture Paste. While the paste was still wet, I sprayed it with a Lindy Stamp Gang Moon Shadow Mist and left it to air-dry.

Then I used a fine structure paste ...

... and sprayed it with more sprays while the paste was still wet.

Then I added some splatters with gold metallic paint.

It needed some contrasting colour, so I added some blue splatters. Finally, I added the quote and the two little people stamped on a piece of cardstock.

Some time ago, a friend was leafing through my journal saying "you almost want to touch it..." and I was like "For crying out loud, DO touch it, it's meant to be touched!" I love to run my fingers over the texture of my artwork!

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