Friday, 23 October 2015

PaperArtsy Theme 19: Faces

This fortnight's PaperArtsy topic is "Faces". [pulling a long face here...] I'm not very good at faces... I think, after watching several tutorials and taking a couple of online classes, I can get the proportions  right, but I struggle so much with shading and making the face look "real".

So, sometimes I just paint and see what comes out of it...

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

PaperArtsy Theme 18: Wearable Art

I was considering skipping this one... The theme is Wearable Art and I'm not very good with fabric and sewing machines in general and "altering" the theme to be able to do in my journal was just impossible...

But... I had some polymer clay projects to do so I decided to do some jewellery.
(And also... when I have to "contaminate" my oven with polymer clay vapours, I like to make more pieces at once).

So... I'm skipping this theme in my journal but not skipping it entirely...