Friday, 23 October 2015

PaperArtsy Theme 19: Faces

This fortnight's PaperArtsy topic is "Faces". [pulling a long face here...] I'm not very good at faces... I think, after watching several tutorials and taking a couple of online classes, I can get the proportions  right, but I struggle so much with shading and making the face look "real".

So, sometimes I just paint and see what comes out of it...

I started with a printed tissue paper.

Then I added some colour using the Distress Paints.

I used a couple of stamps to outline the face a bit.

Now it was time to start working on the face...

 I used a palette knife to apply the paint.

Then I highlighted the edges with a black Neocolor II pastel.

Finally, I added some text.

I scribbled the text with a silver pen. It catches light from certain angles - I like how it's almost invisible from other angles. It's not meant to be read, it's just an accent.


  1. I love this! The depth, texture and colour is superb and I love the scribbled text too! This is a beautiful piece of journal work. xx

  2. Oh I love this. But why does it have to be real-looking. I love that you used a palette knife to start the features, and the yellow looks amazing. The crayon gives interesting colour and textures too!! ~ Leandra

  3. I think this looks terrific,

    Lucy x