Wednesday, 7 October 2015

PaperArtsy Theme 18: Wearable Art

I was considering skipping this one... The theme is Wearable Art and I'm not very good with fabric and sewing machines in general and "altering" the theme to be able to do in my journal was just impossible...

But... I had some polymer clay projects to do so I decided to do some jewellery.
(And also... when I have to "contaminate" my oven with polymer clay vapours, I like to make more pieces at once).

So... I'm skipping this theme in my journal but not skipping it entirely...

I don't really have patience with the clay to make intricate jewellery and other beautiful pieces. I usually make "backgrounds" - some are acceptable to use on their own, some need to be altered further.

I used black FIMO clay and various PaperArtsy stamps to create texture.

Some stamps are pressed deeply, some are just light impressions to add more structure on the surface.

This is how the baked pieces look like.

I used wax pastes by a Hungarian company Pentart. I used them previously on the cover of my journal. I like the "chameleon" colour. It is creamy-coloured in the jar but when you apply it on dark surfaces, the magic happens. 

 So, this is how the pieces look now.

Now, I needed to embellish them a bit. I decided to do some shrink plastic elements. I stamped a lot of pieces but not all of them turned out well... Pretty much all the long-stemmed flowers curled on themselves during the shrinking process. You see all the nice pieces below. The feather from Darcy's EDY09 set turned out best.

Then I added some text stickers from various collections and put a transparent 3D gel on the top and let it dry.

I also made a name tag for a class I'm taking next weekend. I used the JOFY alphabet set for my name. 

That's wearable art too, right?

And here are the two bigger tile pieces. I used one a card and I'm keeping the circle one for some future use.

Hope you liked my projects - because I'm giving myself a pat on the shoulder anyway...


  1. I love your projects, all of them fabulous x

  2. Absolutely love these ideas and techniques and found them really inspiring,

    Lucy x

  3. wow - would never thought of doing this - the one with your name on love stunning x

  4. LOVE... my feather turned out brilliant, looks perfect, though I am having a hard time choosing between them all, gorgeous pieces.

  5. Absolutely the name pin is wearable art!!! ALL the pieces look fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!