Friday, 9 October 2015

Documented Life: September

Documented Life Project - September Theme
Journaling with Photos

Week 36
Art Challenge: Photo Transfer
Journal Prompt:  From Here to There

I tried the image transfer. And failed bitterly, so I covered it all with paint and started anew.

I used my trusted technique - I printed the photos on a piece of deli paper using my inkjet printer and collaged them on the page.

Week 37 
Art Challenge: Digital Imagery & Design
Journal Prompt:  What Makes Your Heart Sing?

This is a pretty easy background - I just printed a photo - and I liked it so much that I didn't want to add more.

I had this edited photo from my holiday which I printed on a sheet of deli paper. But... my printer ran out of black ink and all the enhanced black edges didn't print. So I got white edges instead... I don't mind at all! It's a happy mistake!

Week 38 
Art Challenge: Silhouettes
Journal Prompt:  There is no shadow without the light...

I know the photo is not a silhouette but when I was going through the stash of my collage pictures and found it, I thought it would go perfectly with my "theme" of the week. [you can see I wasn't in a good mood]

This is a simple "galaxy" background on black gesso.

Week 39
Art Challenge: Storyboard
Journal Prompt:  A Week in the Life...

I made a film strip collage of some photos of my week and added a quote.

I don't really like how this page turned out... Not sure why, maybe because I'm not really comfortable documenting my life with photos...

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