Sunday, 22 November 2015

Documented Life: October

October Theme
Translucent Papers

October's been a difficult month for me - call it "creative crisis" or "Muse was on holiday" but whatever it was, it left me wanting to paint but not enjoying it at all.

For the first time in the whole year I was behind with the pages - some I started and not finished, some I skipped... Now, at the end of November, I finally caught up and I'm able to share my pages.

This theme - Translucent Papers - should have been a blessing because I almost always start with a piece of tissue/deli paper - to strengthen the page and to have something in the background to work with. But as I said, October was not the best time for art...

PaperArtsy Theme 21: Abstract Art

This fortnight's PaperArtsy topic is Abstract Art. You might have seen my other "abstract art" contribution as a guest blogger for PaperArtsy, this time I painted the usual page in my PaperArtsy challenges journal. 

I was considering not posting this page because it didn't really turn out the way I wanted. I was aiming for something Jo Myhill created but the page just didn't cooperate. Sometimes, my art fights back. This one fought ferociously...

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

PaperArtsy - Guest Blog Post #2

I was asked to do another guest blog post for PaperArtsy. The theme was "Abstract".

You can find the blog post here.

Thank you again, PaperArtsy team, for this wonderful opportunity!!

P.S. If you are familiar with my style, you might recognize this type of layout. I used to do quite a lot of these geometric paintings. This is a slightly different approach but the result is very similar. 

Sunday, 8 November 2015

PaperArtsy Theme 20: Triptychs

This fortnight's PaperArtsy topic is Triptychs

I first wanted to make a tri-folding card but it didn't end well. (although it started rather promising) So I went back to my art journal and made this page:

I first painted the background with Fresco paints (I had some teal on the page from a previous project). I was planning to work on the three segments separately but I forgot the canvas paper curls when wet...

So, as the pre-cut pieces curled into tight rolls, I threw them away and painted a slightly bigger piece which I then cut into three strips.

(I wish I stopped here and didn't add the purple ink...)

Finally, I added some flowers from the JOFY 32 set and a quote.