Wednesday, 20 September 2017

AALL&Create - ITAC 2017 tournament

In the last 6 weeks, AALL&Create were hosting the ITAC 2017 "tournament" - The International Tournament of Art & Craft - a series of six challenges with tutorials from various creative people.

I stumbled upon their webpage via Seth Apter, who is was of the featured artists and being in a creative slump, this short challenge was the right excuse for me to try to restart my creativity.

We were given a continent and multiple prompts each week - I didn't exactly do a "European", "American", "Asian", etc. theme but I chose some of the prompts to follow.

I created a special mini-journal for this tournament. Here are my pages (plus some step-by-step photos).

Challenge 1 – Europe
Prompts: Face / Papers (newspaper, printed paper, rice paper…etc.) / Letters, numbers / Blue colour / Ribbon, twine, string or lace / Textures / Something both vintage and modern

 Challenge 2 – Asia
Prompts: Mandalas / Geometric shapes / Tiles / Asiatic flowers / Calligraphy or handwriting / Fabric, faded or dyed / Powdered pigments

Challenge 3 – Oceania
Prompts: Patterns inspired by traditional symbols / Monochromatic black and white or colors of the Earth / Organic or natural material(s) / Inspired by traditional or indigenous art

Challenge 4 – Africa
Prompts: Warm, bright colors / Repeated ethnic patterns / Charms, pearls, metallic wire / Words or text / Textures, cracks, rust effect

Challenge 5 - The Americas
Prompts: Shades of green / Something transparent or sharp, like ice / Large format feature, XXL size / Money and currency / Music, samba / Decorations made of feathers, metal, leather…

The Grand Final - The World
Prompts: CIRCLE(s) symbol of the globe, and of infinity / Words for PEACE, LOVE, HARMONY or UNITY in any language / Wire, sewing, lace, ribbon, something interlaced to symbolize interconnectedness / WHITE color of unity and peace in the world / a HOLE or something OPEN

You can follow these hashtags on social media to see what others created:
#itac17 #AALLtournament2017 #aallandcreate

Saturday, 2 September 2017

PaperArtsy Topic 12 - Hybrid Inks

I'm back with a PaperArtsy challenge. I skipped (or didn't submit) a few challenges because I'm still in the creative crisis "phase".

The latest topic is Hybrid Inks. This is a page in my art journal: