Wednesday, 23 September 2015

PaperArtsy Theme 17: Pigment Powders

This week's PaperArtsy topic is Pigment Powders. Well... I don't have any pigment powders (but they are on my wish list), I don't even know where I could get some of those...  So I had to improvise and revisit one of my ancient techniques.

This technique involves destroying some watercolour pencils and crushing and grinding the leads into powder. I wrote a tutorial for this technique some time ago (there is also a video).

So, you prepare your "powders" first.

Then you need to spray your paper with water and start sprinkling the powder on top of it.

Let it dry completely and then scrape the excess pieces of the powder away.  Keep removing the pieces until the paper is nice and smooth.

I'm using canvas paper for my PaperArtsy challenges, so I got slightly different texture than on the example above...

I added some background stamping and stencilled some lines in glitter paste.

Finally, I collaged some bits and pieces...

... and added a quote.

(and I hope I still qualify with my "interpretation" of the theme...)

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  1. Oh this is so clever. Thanks for the tip and the final collage is gorgeous. Love the stenciled glitter paste and the 'theme and sentiment' is beautiful.