Friday, 4 September 2015

Documented Life: August

Documented Life Project - August Theme
Faces, the Human Form & Characters

[edited face from Week 33]

Week 31
Art Challenge: Expressive Faces
Journal Prompt:  What I see clearly now

I did a quick background - collage of tissue/deli papers and some acrylic paint. Then I stencilled a face on the page and added a quote.

Week 32
Art Challenge: Characters
Journal Prompt:  "If you're going to be weird, be confident about it!" Author Unknown

For week 32 theme, I drew a simple figuine of a girl.

I was resampling my Lumiere paints collection (I like to put a bit of the paint on the lid to see a sample of the colour when I open my drawer) so I used the page to scrape off the excess paint from my palette knife. 

Week 33
Art Challenge: Painted
Journal Prompt:  How do I face my biggest challenge?

My biggest art challenge are faces. I think, I can get the proportions quite right, but I struggle with the shading.

For this month, I decided to paint a "simple" face. I used my palette knife to apply paint to create some quasi shading. Then I took a black Neocolor II pastel to add some shape to the face. I quite like this style.

Week 34
Art Challenge: Layered (Using Multiple Mediums)
Journal Prompt:  Speak to your younger self- what advice would you offer?

I didn't do many layers here - just a gelli plate prited deli paper in the backround + some stencilling.

Week 35
Art Challenge: Self Portrait
Journal Prompt: Mirror Mirror

I didn't really want to paint a self portrait, so I cut a sencil of my face instead. A compromise, right?

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