Monday, 15 June 2015

"Dark Passenger" journal

I have one journal that I'm occasionally working in - I call it the "Dark Passenger" Journal. I don't really want to share many details about it because I use it to vent my frustration and negative thoughts. So, only a preview of the pages I've finished so far.

I wanted to have this journal ready for whenever I "needed" it so I created some background starters. I painted 4 sheets of A3 (297×420mm /11.7×16.5in) cardstock on both sides (that is 8 backgrounds in 4 different colour combinations - 2 each) I cut each sheet into 4 pieces (slightly smaller than A5 size - I trimmed the edges a bit - 140×200mm, 5.5×7.9in). So, it total, I have 16 sheets, 32 possible pages (are you still with me? LOL). No more mathematics from this point on.

I wanted to have a unifying element on these pages - so, all of the quotes are printed on a DYMO label maker and all the focal words are the same size and the same font (I cut the letters on my Silhouette machine).

I will not be sharing this journal - this is just to let you know it exists.

1 comment:

  1. Hiya Pavla,

    Thank you for sharing these creations, they look absolutely stunning and I think the usage of the Dymo tape to type the sentiment really fits in with the darker theme of the sentiment itself.

    Lovely and true quote used as well!
    Thank you for sharing and I am glad to see you getting a good use out of your Dymo!

    With best regards,
    Jesper K