Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Documented Life Project™ 2016: JULY

I can't believe it's already August. I'm here with a recap of the July pages on my Documented Life Project journey.

July theme: I vote YES! Saying yes to new experiences
This is my July divider. Just a simple background with some die-cut flowers.

Week 27: Add texture in any way
I used a gelli plate print for my background and then I stencilled the circles on top.

Word of month / Dare2B™
My word of the month is Relax. Uncharacteristically, I added a heart ribbon to the side. I usually like my edges nice and clean, nothing sticking out...

Week 28: Use a stencil
I used some stencils for the background and then I used a tree mask to add a focal point.

Week 29: Start with a black background
 I had a spare pocket so I decided to put a tag in it.

This is how the tag looks inside - I did start with a black background, I promise.

list TEN™: 10 Meaningful Gifts You Received
I just couldn't think of any meaningful gift I'd ever received in my life. I know, it's so sad. So I wanted to do a list of worst gifts but then I decided to skip this prompt altogether.

Week 30: Add a border
You know what? Once I decide to add an unusual border to a page and the next theme is "add a border". So I had to figure out something even more "unique".

I stencilled the flowers on the page and then sprayed it all with various metallic inks (Lindy's stamp gang and Prima) while the texture paste was still wet and let it dry naturally overnight.

Week 31:  Layer two favourite stencils
I had this colourful background at the back of my "unique" page. These are various neon acrylic paints.

As I almost always use stencils, it's difficult to say which are my favourite. There are seasonal favourites (and these are widely overused) so I just took two random ones.

That's it for this month. I have some other random inserts in my DLP journal, but these are still things I plan to return to and "finish".

As usual, there's a brief flip-through on my Instagram.

See you next month.

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  1. Great pages, Pavla!! I enjoyed each one! You have beautiful textures going on. :) :)