Monday, 5 December 2016

Documented Life Project™ 2016: OCTOBER

I'm a little behind with documenting my Documented Life Journal progress. So here are my October pages:

October Challenge: A Fresh Start: Clear your Palette
I did just a simple quick background using washi tapes and paint for my monthly divider.

I'm not sure why, but this colour combination works the best for me. Even though these colours are my least favourite...

Week 40 - Hide something under your art
I cut several of the dipping circles on my Sihouette for a different project and these two were left over. So why not use them.

I "hid" a collage of my old handwritten text, some old book paper and other scraps.

Week 41 - Start with a doodle
I didn't start with a doodle - I ended with one - but it counts, right?

Week 42 - Draw a line down the middle and create 2 scenes
In my mind's eye, this layout looked so much better...

Word of month / Dare2B™
I signed up for this detox program where you drink fruit and vegetable juices for three days. During the last year or two, my body received a fair amount of abuse from me (in form of junk food, lack of sleep and exercise) so I thought I might benefit from something like this. To help me restart my life a bit and detox not only my body but also my mind and soul from all that toxic thoughts and ideas.
While the body detox turned out to be a big fail*, I'm not giving up on my mind detox. But it's an ongoing process...

* There is this "juice bar" chain called UGO in my country. They make fresh juices and do this detox thing twice a year. It's basically a 9-day detox plan. For the first three days, you are recommended to avoid certain foods (sugar, caffeine, meat etc.) to get you body to slow down and be ready for the shock that comes next. For the next three days, you only drink juices. 2,5 litres per day... You pick them up every morning, they are nicely labelled - breakfast, lunch, 2 snacks, dinner and dessert. The hunger you experience is one thing, the tiredness and headaches is another... I love their juices. Even the weird combinations of fruits and veggies. But some of the special mixtures we had during this detox were awful. During the second day, I had allergic reaction to ginger - there was this mixture of orange, carrot and ginger - but there was so much of it inside that it tasted of nothing but ginger. My stomach was recovering from this for two weeks. Never again. 

Week 43 - Repeat a pattern
I had a page with two unfinished backgrounds from months ago waiting for the right prompt to be finished. The final two prompts of the month we "compatible".

The original background had some mesh tape on it and it didn't look good, but adding the repeating chevron pattern over it helped.

Week 44 - Incorporate the first letter of your first name
This background had a flower pattern - I was cleaning the left-over texture paste from a stencil from another project. I didn't do much with the background, just added some colour.

As usual, there's a brief flip-through on my Instagram.

Only two months left!

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