Saturday, 14 January 2017

Documented Life Project™ 2016: DECEMBER

I'm here with the last month in my Documented Life Journal. And it is also the final month because, sadly, the DLP does not continue in 2017.

December Challenge: Life Lessons : A Year Long Reflection

The December divider is my favourite. I wasn't really in the mood for creating anything so I just started by glueing down some washi tapes. It always works for me - when I'm stuck for ideas. Then I added some stencilling and ink drippage. And voilà! Sometimes magic happens right before my eyes and I don't even notice.

Week 49 - Start with a photo transfer
I have to admit - I'm yet to do a successful image transfer. Failure after failure. So, anticipating another hiccough, I decided to start with a photo instead. But then it bugged me and did a photo transfer on top - and you know what? It was a disaster. So I glued another photo over the area to hide it. Sheesh...

Week 50 - Document what you are learning right now
As you might know, I'm not a big fan of these self-analysing prompts, so I just took the "learning" part of it...

Week 51 - Add Crayon
I don't particularly like working with crayons. Partly because I don't really know much about them, as a medium. Here I created the background and added a bit of colour using the crayons.

list TEN™: Traditions I Hope My family Will Carry On
I didn't do this list. For personal reasons.

Week 52 - Add Coloured Pencils / Word of Month
Another medium I don't like to use - coloured pencils. I didn't know how to incorporate them into my page. In the end, I took a black-and-white flower washi tape and stuck it to the side of the page (on the right), and then I coloured the flowers in. It didn't look the way I wanted, so I put more paint over it.

Week 53 - Use Gold paint or ink
A quick and simple page for this final prompt. I've been neglecting my metallic paints lately... Pity the photo doesn't show metallics well.

I also did two extra pages - I was hoping to use them for my final two pages but they were not agreeing with the prompts. But that is the beauty of this unPlanner journal system. I can add whatever I want whenever I'm creative.

They are a bit Christmasy. I bought my first die-cutting machine and, of course, I bought some dies.
And I also got me one of the Tim Holtz stencil sets. The one with the Christmas motifs. Yes, I do buy stencils. Especially when I don't really want to spend time and energy designing (and cutting) intricate shapes. 

I also did some pockets, documenting my holiday.

There is a flip-through on my Instagram. I'm planning to do a big flip-through for my neglected YouTube channel but for this I need a combination of three things - good mood, good light, and free time. It might not happen any time soon...

I already had a journal ready for DLP 2017, so I decided to take the Wanderlust class to have some weekly "reason" to create.  Stay tuned...

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