Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Documented Life: November

November Theme
Stencils, Stamps & Masks

Stencils... my favourite art supply... Not so difficult to guess because I use stencils on everything, I design and cut my own on regular basis... So this month should be easy...

Week 45
Art Challenge: Stencils - Made or Bought
Journal Prompt: On the edge of uncertainty…what are you afraid of?

I think this week's page is one of my favourites of the year. My typical bold colours. And DRIPPAGE!

It started with a collage of my handmade "washi" tapes. Then I added some stencilling using my favourite Memory Box stencil called "Scraped Paint" (oh yes, sometimes I BUY stencils). And then some DRIPPAGE!

Week 46
Art Challenge: Use a Hand Carved Stamp
Journal Prompt: Tapestries

I had this wonderful background. I'm not sure what happened next and how this (see below) turned into that (see above). Well, I remember using my hand-made foam stamp that didn't really stamp well, and the rest is mystery...

Week 47
Art Challenge: Use a Mask
Journal Prompt: "Mask"arade

I think my October creative crisis has returned... This page was really fighting with me...

Week 48
Art Challenge: Combine the Three (Stencils, Stamps & Masks)
Journal Prompt: "Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind."-Henry James

Again, with this page, a series of unfortunate events occurred...

I used several masks and stencils and some hand-carved stamps, not really paying attention to what colours I was mixing... Then I added a text that I didn't like and had to do some rescue cover-up operation. I really don't like what I ended up with - if I had more energy, I would cover it all with gesso and started again.

With only one month to go, I'm still not sure if I wanted to continue with the Documented Life Project in 2016. It's going to be sightly different, more planner-style, which is intriguing... But I ran into some "regional" difficulties as I would really like to use the recommended binder that is not available where I live (not even a similar one). And I don't want to play this game of squaring the circle and adjusting from the beginning. This time, I would like to follow the instructions. At least for a while. We'll see...

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