Tuesday, 15 March 2016

FEBRUARY Documented Life Project™ 2016: the unPlanner™

I'm continuing making my unPlanner entirely my own. As I mentioned in my previous January post, I made some changes to the original concept and I'm liking it and it feels "right", so I'm going to stick with it for now.

I'm still trying to maintain the weekly "creating regime" but I'm also adding bits and pieces (of art) to my journal as I create it.

February Challenge: 
Love without Hesitation - Taking the Leap

Again, I used the monthly theme as a prompt for decorating the monthly divider.

Week 6
Prompt:  Incorporate thread or floss

I wanted to throw this page away because I didn't like the colour combo at first. But with the thread and the quote, it looks fine.

Week 7
Prompt: Use shades of one colour

This is painted on the back of the divider. I intended to stay true to the prompt but ended up adding a bit more colours.

I abandoned the "Dare2B™" concept and continue doing my motivational "word of the month" thing. I chose "prioritize" for February.

Week 8 
Prompt: Add a Gratitude
list TEN™ Card: Things I should never have done

This was painted at the back of the "thread" page - hence the curved edges.

For the List TEN™ Card, I did a list of things "I should stop doing to myself" instead. I will not publish my list because it's private and I personally think this theme is a bit inappropriate for an art journal.  It is written with a glittery pen on kraft paper so it's illegible at first glance for anyone who might flip through my journal.

This week, I was travelling to Birmingham to take a class with Tim Holtz. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you don't say "no" to. I got a phone call from a friend who runs a scrapbook shop I spend my money in. She asked me "Hey, do you want to come to Birmingham with me to take a class with Tim Holtz in two weeks? It's going to cost a lot of money, plane tickets, hotel and ..." and I jumped in "Forget about the money, it's Tim Holtz!"

I created this page to commemorate my trip to Birmingham. I tried to use as many of Tim's products on it as possible. And I also left some space at the back to have it signed by Tim.

Week 9
Prompt:  Add a tiny photo

I'm not really doing the Pocket Art Cards. But I made a Project Life style spread about my Birmingham trip - photos from the trip, some print-screens from Tim Holtz's Instagram and other things.

I'm loving the unPlanner project so far. My only concern is that it's getting bulky only after a couple of months - and I have only one binder... and don't really know where to get a new one. The one I got in the UK is discontinued now.

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  1. Lucky lucky to take a class with Tim Holtz!! I see at Michaels they have kraft binders in a similar size to the Art5 binders. Beautiful work, as always. LOVE your pocket layouts!