Friday, 20 May 2016

APRIL Documented Life Project™ 2016: the unPlanner™

I'm here with an update on my April Documented Life Project pages. (I sincerely apologize to my 3 or so readers that it took so long but I've been pretty busy in my non-crafty life).

April Challenge: Reaching for Rainbows - Creating outside the Lines 
I painted the background of my April divider with a rainbow of colours and stencilled the "wheel" on top of it. This stencil is one of my own designs and I've had it for over two years without ever using it...

Week 14: Black & White
I struggled quite a bit with this one. What you don't see, are several layers of black gesso and several misfortunes underneath. But it's the result that counts, right?

Week 15: Add a Face
I was considering painting the face but ended up stencilling it in the end. I don't particularly like this design (again, one of my own) and I'm not sure why I keep using it.

Dare2B™ "exercise" / Word of month
I chose the word "simplify" for April. There is a flap with a hidden message under the word on the right.

Week 16: Create a pocket and fill it 
I made two pockets this week - and chose the one I hated the less. The other one will be used some other time (provided I manage to do something about it).

list TEN™ Card: Guests at a Round-table Discussion
I didn't do the list this month. I started but I failed to list the 10 people. I might do a different list later, if I get some brilliant idea.

Week 17: Fill Your Card with Numbers
There are various papers with numbers collaged in the background. Then, a serious mess happened, and then, I managed to save it. I'm using sentences cut out from magazines - this time, in my language (which I usually not do).

Week 18: Use one colour you usually avoid
I used to have least favourite colours when I was younger. There are still colours I wouldn't wear because I don't "feel right" in them. But ever since I started art-journalling, I've never had any colour I would avoid. There are colours, of course, I over-use. This time, I chose pink as the colour I've been neglecting lately. [even though pink is not a colour.... it's a tint of red... I digress...]

And here a few other random things from my journal:

I have my monthly calendar to mark various art/craft challenges I'm doing.

I used my 3x4 pockets to document two classes I took with Teresa Collins in Prague.

I also cut a page with 2x2 pockets to fit my binder and used it to document some other stuff happening in April.

As usual, there is a short video on my Instagram, if you are interested.

See you in May.

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