Saturday, 28 May 2016

PaperArtsy 2016 Topic 10: Doodles (guest blog post)

Here am I with another guest blog post I had the opportunity to write for PaperArtsy. The theme was "Doodles".

You can find the blog post here.

Thank you, PaperArtsy team, for allowing to share my art with your readers!!

As I mention in my blog post, I have a certain "theme" that seems to follow me through my life ;-)


It reappears from time to time, and then goes away.

This is the layout I initially wanted to create for the blog post:

I'm glad I changed my mind because it looks a bit flat. 


  1. I think I am your newest follower (via Feedly); LOVE your style. Once in a while I do a blogpost to share some blogs I became follower of lately via Feedly...Your blog is featured as well on my blog today; if you don't like that, will you please leave a message under this post:

  2. Adorable and clever project!! :)