Tuesday, 14 June 2016

MAY Documented Life Project™ 2016: the unPlanner™

The month of May was full of contradictions - on one hand, I was able to fulfil my self-imposed "create daily" challenge, on the other, I really struggled to find inspiration to do my Documented Life pages. And then, in an unexpected burst of creativity, I finished three pages in one day.

May Challenge: A Look Through My Eyes - Gaining New Perspectives
I don't particularly like the May divider. I had done the background and didn't know what to do with it. The result annoys me a bit - that's always a bad sign. But I won't be redoing it. No, I won't. I categorically refuse to...

Week 19: Add your name in a creative way
I made a tag with my name and a lot of ink splatters for this challenge.

Week 20: Use underpaper
I use supermarket leaflets as my underpaper - and I throw these away. So I used a piece of left-over deli paper that had some secondary gelli plate print on it.

Word of month / Dare2B™ 
My word of May is REFUSE. The black and white and gold lines coming out of the girl's head meant to be her thoughts - but it looks like hair... But it doesn't matter, does it?

Week 21: Use a Circle Sticker
I printed some of my old backgrounds on sheets of self-adhesive label stickers. Only the sheets were ancient and I found out they no longer stick... whatever... I used glue to help them a bit...

I pretty much covered all of it anyway.

list TEN™: Songs that Make Your Feet Move
I changed this prompt to songs that make my mind wander. I'm a bit of a day-dreamer, you know...

Week 22: Play with a stamp
This prompt is a bit vague - but I used some stamps in the process of making this page, trust me.

Extra page
I had a "free" space at the back of one of the pages, so I painted this extra page.

I didn't do the pockets this month for the "Monthly Pocket Picks" thing. But I challenged myself to do one piece of "mini-art" a day in May. I included the pieces in my DLP journal. (read more about this self-imposed challenge in my previous post).

As usual, there is a short flip-through on my Instagram, if you are interested.

Now, off to do my June pages.

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  1. Ooooohhhhh, love ALL your pages!! :) Especially your "thoughts" page and the one featuring your name. You're so good at this!! :)