Saturday, 2 July 2016

Documented Life Project™ 2016: JUNE

I'm here with my June Documented Life Project pages. June's been a busy month for me, with less time (and energy) for painting. Summer is here officially, but this is my least favourite season because high temperatures don't agree with me. It's the season of little sleep and headaches...

extra page I painted this month

June Challenge: Unraveling the Past: Embracing New Beginnings
The monthly divider turned out slightly different from the image I had in my mind. But it's OK.

It started as a collage of pieces of patterned paper and some stencilling.

Week 23 - Pick a shape and repeat
Last year, for the same challenge, I created a triangular stencil. This time, I decided to go with squares.

I used all the things with squares I could find in my stash - stencils, stamps, chipboard pieces...

Week 24 - Doodle a flower (or ten)
I misread the prompt a bit and didn't "doodle" the flowers but just "added" some punched flowers (and also stencilled some flowers in the background using glitter texture paste).

Word of month / Dare2B™ 
I chose the word TOLERANT to be my word of this month. I've grown a bit irritated by certain individuals in my life. All this irritation and frustration is taking away so much of my energy, so I decided to adopt a slightly less offensive approach and tried to be less judgmental.

Week 25 - Use tissue paper
I almost always use tissue paper for my backgrounds. So this time, to do something different, I decided to go back to the original DLP concept and did two PACs instead of a journal page. (and of course I used tissue paper)

list TEN™:  Words I Totally Overuse
I used the back of my PACs for the list. Of course, these are words in my language.

Week 26 - Watercolours
I tried watercolours - but I failed. So I used inks and drippage instead. There's water involved too, right?

As usual, there is a short flip-through on my Instagram, if you are interested.

See you!

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  1. Your pages are divine! I especially love the PACs and your squares for the repeat a shape challenge. :)