Sunday, 18 September 2016

PaperArtsy 2016 Topic 17: Making Marks

I'm here with a short blog post about the latest journal page in my PaperArtsy challenge journal. This week's challenge is about Making Marks.

First, I made several random backgrounds on deli paper - a bit of stencilling, some stamping, nothing special. Most of it will be covered.

I tore the backgrounds to smaller pieces and glued them to a piece of cardstock.

I applied some gesso and then some paint using a palette knife. This way I achieve random coverage.

Next, I stencilled some small shapes to add a bit of interest.

Finally, I added some embellishments - I stamped the leaves and words on black cardstock using white ink that doesn't dry no matter what I do - so I always sprinkle some transparent embossing ink over it to seal it.

This time, I didn't do a double page spread because my focal quote worked fine on a single page. So I used some other embellishments on the left-hand side.

The PaperArtsy products I used:
- numbers stencil 021
- numbers stamp from Gentleman Plate 4
- ABC stamp - Mini18 
- circles from Emma Godfrey's EEG07 
- leaves from Lin Brown's ELB04 
- arrow from JOFY22
- la vie est belle from Emma Godfrey's EEG07 
- she dreams in colours... from Emma Godfrey's EEG17 

Hope you got inspired, see you next time.

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