Monday, 27 February 2017

Wanderlust 2017: FEBRUARY

Here are the February pages in my Wanderlust journal.

Some pages were inspired by the videos, other were following a prompt from one of the many "activities" posted on the Wanderlust class webpage.

[Warning: rant ahead]
The first class of the month was about breaking the page, and that there was no need to complete the page. Don't get me wrong, I have a few journals with backgrounds in various stages of progress but I'm not enjoying the process of putting one element on a page and then moving on to scribble something on another page and then adding some paint to another. I don't enjoy doing this. I have no problems facing a blank page - I have several quick techniques to deal with breaking a page and I don't need to do this on purpose, just for the sake of doing it. I don't think I need to waste my creative time on this. Moreover, sometimes I find it distracting to face a page that has something on it that I'm not happy about at that particular moment. Sitting down for 10 minutes a day to add random things to random pages all around my journal is a waste of time for me. I'm sure each and every one of us has a different approach to art, this is not mine. But, because it was that week's lesson, I did it. And had to face the unfinished pages in the weeks to come. Not my cup of tea. [end of rant]

inspired by Amanda Grace's class "The Love Letter"

 inspired by Clair Bremner's class

 Prompt: "This month was… (insert at least six nouns)"

inspired by Guest Activity from Eliza - Quotes

The navigation in the Classroom gets more difficult for me as more and more posts are added - especially in the "Activities" section - some post are updated with fortnightly/monthly prompts, new ones are appearing. I need to be watching for when the post was last modified, which is annoying.

But I'm enjoying the format of my journal. I will be continuing in it - with or without the Wanderlust classes.

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