Thursday, 6 July 2017

Why do I create? #showusyourMEdia

I created this page for a Dina Wakley/RangerInk monthly challenge. The topic was "Why do you create?"

I've often been asked about this - and people usually add "you should do this for living"... I only laugh because deep inside I know A) I couldn't possibly make a living doing art; B) I wouldn't probably want to turn art into something that I must do to make ends meet.

So... why do I create? When I look back at my humble beginnings I see a person that just wanted to escape the not-so-colourful reality of her world and create a world of her own, her personal haven.

As an introvert prone to depression, I used to escape into the world of books. But then I discovered the world of art journalling. It surprised me how quickly I came to like this art form. My journal doesn't contain “journalling” in its true sense because I keep a diary and – being slightly socially awkward - I don't want to share my deepest thoughts with anyone. But... it allows to show my mood and a little bit of the “real” me without revealing too much. So, it's basically "art in a journal" for me.

It bothers me a little bit that books and art don't go well together for me. Because when I paint, all my emotions and daydreams go onto the paper and then I have none left to accompany me to the fantasy worlds I like to read about. Recently, I've reached a compromise of sorts - audiobooks I can listen to while I paint.

So back to my journal page.
I like to start my journal pages with a layer of tissue or deli paper. This one had some gelli plate prints. You might recognize Dina Wakley's Leafy and Moon Faces stencils. But it is not important at this stage, because it will probably be covered sooner or later.

Next I added some old book pages.

Then I added a bit of paint.

Next, I stamped a face from Dina's Scribbly Women stamp set on the same bookprint I'd used in my previous step.

I sketched the outline of a body and the border using Dina's Scribble sticks.

I'm working in a handmade journal. I decorated a t-shirt packaging. It had a circular hole through which you could see the colour of the t-shirts and I used this to my advantage and positioned the head so it was seen through the opening in the cover.

So, that was my page. Looking forward to the next challenge. 

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