Monday, 5 March 2018

Traveler's Notebook covers

I know I come to this Midori (and Fauxdori) madness a bit late... I was never a fan of this style of journals. Things being squished, a rubber band going through the middle of my planner... 

But then I started art journalling into traveler's notebook inserts... I still didn't think I needed a cover for them. But then I was asked to teach an art journalling mixed media class and was challenged to do a cover for the journals we would be making...


So, I told myself, why not. I made a few prototypes, and then some more, until I found a compromise between what I found on the internet and what suited me. 

I made different sizes 
to accommodate my various types of inserts

It was a good thing I got to make the cover after all three of my inserts were full because I could adjust the size of the spine.

 left - bigger spine size, right - regular size

And here are the covers I made during the classes. Yes, there were two in the end.

I thought the madness ended here but then I was asked to make a couple of custom ones. So I did... Why make a couple when you can make more?

I made those using canvas paper - it's a pain to work with but it's more flexible and has a great texture.

I even made some non-traditional sizes:

There's a tutorial to show how I make them - it's in Czech but there are pictures. ;-)

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