Friday, 27 December 2013


Ever since I learnt about Faber-Castell Gelatos, I wanted to try them. But it took some time before I could get my hands on them. They were not available in my country at first and getting them from abroad would be far too expensive.
But now I have almost all the colours (I'm still missing the blues and the metallics).

My Gelatos and I, we still have this love-and-hate relationship. I'm not always getting the results I want - I don't blame the tiny lipstick-like thingies, though. I think, there's something wrong with my technique.

This page was made for a "My favourite destination" Faber-Castell challenge.

It started with a black and white photo of Stonehenge printed on deli paper and inked with distress inks.

Then I used the two sets of Gelatos I owned at that time (the reds and the yellows), some Distress paints, Dylusions sprays, PITT pens, stencils, white pen, and Crackle Paints for the letters.
To be honest, I didn't like the result, but it won me a set of Gelatos, so I guess I need to reconsider my feelings about it...

Note: Stonehenge is my 2nd favourite place now so I might have to paint another page in the future...

L is for Love (Alpha Journal)

[quote by Rafael Ortiz]

I still wish I could achieve more vibrant colours with the Gelatos. Maybe I should be more generous with them (but you know, these tiny thingies are so pricey...).

before and after adding water

The colours were a bit dull so I added some drippage with my new-found love - acrylic inks.

Emerging from a fog of confusion

I really struggled with this page - every odd step was a disaster and every even step was my attempt to fix it. But it turned out quite good in the end... (adding the stamped flowers was an even step...)

On this page, I used the Gelatos mixed with a gel medium - it looked quite cool, but I'm afraid, all this is hidden under other layers of disasters and corrections. Also, scraping the Gelatos to mix them with the gel medium made my heart bleed (I might not have mentioned how expensive they are here LOL).

For more photos from my journals, go to my Flickr page.

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