Friday, 27 December 2013

Revisiting one of my old techniques

During one of my show-and-tell U-streams, I showed some of my ancient artwork - by "ancient" I mean something did more than 10 years ago...
Some of them featured a technique I developed and used for some time. It is a bit messy, so I abandoned it never to return to it. But never say never.

Two details of the effect achieved using this technique:

Awakening my ancient muses, I decided to make a journal page using this technique. So here's another step-by-step tutorial:

1 - You will need watercolour pencils (you will be destroying them, so I recommend using cheap ones). Remove the wood from your pencils - you will need only the leads for this technique.

2 - Now, crush the leads.

3 - Spray your paper with water and start sprinkling the powder on top of it. You can either go for random patterns, or you can mask some areas out and use different colours on them later (just like I did on the first image on the top of the post).

5 - Spray with water. You now need the powder to activate with water, so be generous. [Note: You can see I used too much of the powder here so it is a bit muddy.]

If you want to distribute the colour more or create patterns, you can use a sponge dauber to distribute the wet "mud" all around the page (see the second image of this post).

6 - Let it dry completely and then scrape the excess pieces of the powder away. I use a metal paper clip that has a straight sharp edge. Keep removing the pieces until the paper is nice and smooth. Be careful not to tear the paper - just remove the bumps on the surface.

You can get better patterns if you are less generous with the powder (this is the sample from the YT video):

... compared to what I got here in my art journal:

And this is the finished "O is for Obstacles" page in my Alpha Journal:

[quote by Fontenelle]

I promised to do a YouTube video - so here it is.

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