Thursday, 29 January 2015

Documented Life - Week 3 and 4

I'm surprised that I'm still keeping up with the weekly prompts. Four weeks, four prompts done. 

Week 3
Art Challenge: The Color Wheel
Journal Prompt: "I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way." (quote by Georgia O'Keeffe)

This page was a piece of cake - at least I thought it should be... I started with a lovely multicoloured background.

At this point, several things happened - and I failed to take a single picture to document the disaster that happened.
So, this is the "after disaster" photo where I gessoed half of the page and decided to start over. What have you missed? I stencilled some shapes on the right and did some drippage from the top. Then I added the planner part on the left with the numbers. It looked very busy, so I tried several things to visually divide the two parts. And then I snapped...

And surprise! It looked good with the white space so I kept it, only added splatters of colour.

Finally, I added a fragment of the prompt quote and stamped the planner part.

Week 4
Art Challenge: Writing
Journal Prompt: Words with Friends

I wasn't really in the mood for creating - my mind was, but my body was a bit useless - but I forced myself to overcome the initial lack of mojo.
I started with a deli/tissue paper background. Some of the papers were stamped with a handwriting background, others were printed with handwriten letters.

Then I added a little bit of colour using the Distress Paints.

I decided to go with the "friend" prompt by adding a friendship quote. The lettering is done with Posca paint pens. They write pretty much on anything.

BTW - I still haven't figured out how to prevent the pages from sticking to each other. I've tried all the usual mediums. For now, I just put a piece of paper in between the pages.

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