Sunday, 9 April 2017

PaperArtsy Topic 5 - Blue and Ochre

The newest PaperArtsy topic is Blue and Ochre. I made a very colourful page inspired by this blog post:

I started with a collage of torn deli paper. I sprinkled two sheets of deli paper with Infusions - one with Royal Blood and the other with Golden Sands. I tore the paper into pieces and glued them randomly over my page.

Then I added a bit of Fresco paints - Blueberry, Smurf and Butternut.

Finally, I stamped some flowers and other flowery shapes (from Tracy Scott's stamp sets ETS06 and ETS07 - I will put a link here once I find them in the shop) on white cardstock, cut them out and coloured them in.

... six episodes of Broadchurch later... Geez, this is supposed to be therapeutic? I've always hated colouring books...

To finish it off, I added a quote from Emma's set EEG17.



  1. LOL, I feel your pain. As a child I only wanted to color the pages with the biggest designs, never the intricate detailed pages. Hats off to you on a fantastic page! I hope you frame it! Stunning! Hugs, Autumn