Friday, 25 January 2013

Birthday page

Ever since I discovered the “13th sign of Zodiac” theory, my life wasn't the same. I never seemed to fit the Sagittarius characteristics completely: impatient, fearing responsibility, self-indulgent... YES, but sociable and optimist? NO WAY.
But when I learnt the Ophiuchus's personality traits, I was like: “wait, that's me”.
Constantly trying something new … hates routines … has a lot of creativity … constantly comes up with newer things to explore … has great love for languages and the arts … doesn't do well with rules … is impulsive … might give in to procrastination. 

I knew I had to include this Ophiuchus in my painting. Especially that part about rules and procrastination...

So, the “official” part of the page is all about the good old Sagittarius...

[quote by A. C. Clarke]

... the hidden part is honouring the Ophiuchus in me:

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