Friday, 25 January 2013

Lots of (happy) mistakes

This background was a mistake till I added my finishing touches. It was reworked several times and it's come to a point I wanted to give up on it completely. But... there was a painting on the other side I liked and couldn't throw away just like that. So I added more layers, gesso, more colours, gesso again, some drippage and it was still bad. When I added the final layer in a really coarse structure paste there was no turning back. Out of desperation, I splashed some paint over it and – a miracle happened – it finally looked not only good enough for me to be satisfied but it also had this WOW effect for me. A series of not-so-happy mistakes produced a really fine result. [note to myself: Don’t give up, add more paint!]

[quote by Epicurus]

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