Friday, 25 January 2013

Mysterious statistics

I don't usually get many views here on my blog or on my Flickr. Normally, I get about 5 to 15 views on my photos/pictures, more when I tweet it. I'm not complaining, I'm not used to sharing my art and no comment is always better than a negative comment (though, no comment also means no feedback for me and that's not very motivating either). But one of my journal paintings is receiving a lot more views than others. That provoked my curiosity and I even decided to switch the Flickr statistics on. But it didn't provide any answers...

It's this particular page:

It has no extra tags, it isn't in any group, I didn't tweet it – I don't even consider it exceptional. It is a 2nd version of the same concept (as you might know from one of my earlier posts, I decided to repaint it) and the first version is a bit better (in my opinion).

So, WHY is this one viewed more than other pages??

[and yes, you can go to my Flickr to upset the statistics even more...]

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