Sunday, 2 September 2012


Did I mention I was stubborn (bordering on pig-headed)? Sometimes, when I don't like something I create, I bury it deeply in one of my many boxes (no, I don't throw anything away). But there are times when I decide to redo it. At all costs. This is one of those cases.

I did this page - front (using drywall tape - inspired by Donna Downey) and back:

But I didn't like the front so I started to "repair" it. And thus ruined it completely. It had so many layers of various mediums that it couldn't be covered by anything else let alone a brand new painting. After careful deliberation, I decided to sacrifice the back painting and redo it. 

And I don't regret that decision...
[quote by Pablo Picasso]

And because the back painting deserved to survive (and I had a spare pair of hands...), here it is - brand new:
[quote by George F. Will]

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