Sunday, 2 September 2012

Spring gloom

I must have been English in my previous life – because I have recently developed a habit of complaining about weather. Don't get me wrong, I like almost all kinds of weather – if they come when they should, in the right order and don't go into extremes. Living in what we call “mild” climate (I believe it's officially called “temperate zone”) doesn't mean we get mild weather. We usually have snow and up to (or down to?) -15°C in winter, and dry and hot temperatures sometimes reaching over 30°C in summer. And we used to have spring and autumn in between... The last couple of years, winter ended abruptly and someone forgot to include spring. My favourite kind of weather would be somewhere between 5 and 25°C, moderate sunshine, some clouds and even some rain. But I'm tired of these extreme swings from -17°C to +15°C. The nature is all confused, everything wakes up at the same time, the birds are yapping, my head aches and… we are all forced to switch to Daylight Saving Time. THEY steal ONE HOUR of my sleep and they expect me to like it? Especially when it is known and scientifically proven that this FAKE time is not “saving” anything nowadays (as we are online 24-7…).
[quote by Dorothy Parker]

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